Fibre Pak Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. established in year 1973 is one of the leading manufacturers of Corrugated and Paper Packaging Products in Malaysia. We are a Total Packaging Company serving as a One-stop Solution Centre for all your packaging needs.

We believe that packaging is an integral part of everyday life. A well packed item reflects the image of the product and boosts the perception of the customer. Successful first impressions are created by good packaging which adds prestige to the product.

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Packaging requirements should always cater to the needs of a changing society. Apart from enhancing the products, it can also be designed to provide convenience to end users , protection and safety of contents and of course presentation of product to the targeted customers.

At Fibre Pak, we are committed to offer Quality Products, Fair Price and Best Service.

Rising to expectations of our Customers, we conduct various inspections, tests, verifications and consideration in each process. We emphasise "Customer First" as priority, and put forward this understanding in all our undertakings. Our staffs are trained on Quality Awareness - Customer Service Operation Processes Trend Research & Development.

We provide a Complete Service for customers in engineering packaging designs and materials. From developing a pack / product to sourcing and supplying related items coupled with research and development, tests and results to produce the right packaging you want. We are the "Total Packaging Company" at your service.

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